Vol. 11 Issue 30 – July 24, 2023

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 From the Home Team—Closing out the Month

It’s time to have a look at the numbers and make one final push this month. Chances are, many of you are close to hitting that next rank and bumping up your commissions, but, there’s only one way to know. Check in on all of this and more by logging into your Online Office and reviewing the Rank Advancement report. Not quite sure how to use it? No problem. Give us a call at 800.8001300 and we will walk you through it!

Guidance for Growth

Ask for Testimonials. 
Having testimonials from your customers that you can share can help you increase your credibility, support your lead-generation efforts, and improve customer retention. They provide social proof, giving your prospects an additional reason to trust you and the products you are providing. So reach out to your happy customers and ask them for a review that you can share with others.

Upcoming Events

The Healthy Hustle: Health is a lot more than just what you can see from the outside. True health is something that happens from the inside out, and in many cases, a healthy body and mind start with a healthy gut. Join VP Kevin Larson to learn how you can take care of your health from the inside out by taking steps to support your digestive system.

  • The Healthy Hustle, Tuesday, July 25th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!
  • The Healthy Hustle, Thursday, June 27th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!

Success Lab:  There is a reason places like Costco and Sam’s Club give out free samples—because it’s an effective way to promote sales! Join VP Kevin Larson to learn how you can effectively leverage samples to help grow your business.

  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, July 27th at 3 pm Pacific. Join here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, August 3rd at 3 pm Pacific. Join here!

August Round Table:  What’s the latest and greatest here at the home office? Hear directly from New Earth’s corporate team.

  • August Round Table, Wednesday, August 2nd at 12 pm Pacific. Join here!

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Contact us by phone at 800-800-1300 or email us at support@newearthsupport.com

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