Vol. 11 Issue 25 – June 19, 2023

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 From the Home Team—Let’s Get Moving!

The official start of summer is only a few days away, and for many of us, that limiting belief that “no one wants to hear about my business in the summer” is starting to kick in. While many network marketers take the summer off, here at New Earth we believe these next three months are actually the best time to kick it into high gear and capture some market share.

We have three months to move with urgency and build excitement for our life-changing products and opportunities. And guess what? We have an abundance of resources that will help you do just that.

June Round Table: The first step to making the most out of the summer months is being in the know about all the latest and greatest that’s happening here at the home office. If you missed our June Round Table earlier this month, now is a great time to make sure you are aware of current promotions by watching the replay. Watch the replay here.

Associate Toolkit: If you’re looking for resources that you can take to events or share with your prospects this summer, then your Associate Toolkit is the place to look! With social media-ready images, ingredient deep dive videos, event marketing resources, and helpful QR codes, this toolkit has everything you need to start sharing the wonders of New Earth no matter where your summer plans take you. Open your toolkit here.

Success Labs: This month alone we’ve covered topics that are sure to help you with your business all summer long, including a deep dive into your First Level Deletes Report and the 3-step process you should use to reach out to past customers. Plus, this week, we will be focusing on the summer season and giving you tips to help you stay consistent with your business all summer long. Join this week’s Success Lab (or watch a replay) here.

Current Promotions

You’ve put in the work to build momentum, now it’s time to ride the wave and propel your business forward. And these promotions are sure to help!

90-Day Growth Challenge –  Phase 3
You’ve been building momentum, so let’s keep it going by kicking off a 90-day business growth challenge.

June Challenge: Reactivate terminated customers who haven’t ordered in a year or more
Reward: For every past customer you reactivate this month, you will receive a 10% bonus on the CV generated by that customer for the next 3 months!*

Summer Event Marketing
If you’re registered to have a booth or table for an event occurring in June or July, we will give you a special 15% discount on a product purchase so you can stock up on inventory to sell at the event.**

Shake It Up with Wild Algae Blend
Power up your summer smoothies with our favorite smoothie ingredient—Wild Algae Blend! As an added bonus, when you add Wild Algae Blend to your order, you’ll also receive a New Earth-branded Shaker Bottle… but it’s only while supplies last!+

Get All the Details Here

*USA Associates only. To qualify, the terminated customer must reside in the USA or Canada and can’t have placed an order in the last 12 months and must place an order prior to June 30, 2023. Extra commission to be paid with monthly commissions and will be applied as a manual bonus. Returned orders will not qualify for extra bonus.

**USA Associates only. To qualify, proof of event registration must be provided. Event and product quantity subject to approval. Discounted product order must be placed through Customer Care not later than 5 business days prior to the event date. Discount valid for a single standard order not to exceed $1,000.

+USA only. Offer available for orders placed between June 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023 while supplies last. Only one shaker bottle will be given per order. Offer is not retroactive; shaker bottles will not be sent after the fact and refunds will not be issued after an order is placed.

Guidance for Growth

Stay Authentic. 
The end of the month is fast approaching, and we know it may bring a sense of urgency and a desire to push harder than ever to make sure you achieve your goals. That’s great, but don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your authenticity for urgency. Slow down, take a breath, and prioritize being your true, authentic self in your conversations with others. That’s how you will foster relationships, grow your business, and reach your goals.

Upcoming Events

The Healthy Hustle: Elevate your health and taste buds this summer by adding in-season produce to your plate and embracing all that these summer fruits and vegetables have to offer.

  • The Healthy Hustle, Tuesday, June 20th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!
  • The Healthy Hustle, Thursday, June 22nd at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!

Success Lab:  It can be hard to stay consistent with your business no matter what time of year it is, but the summer months can make it even more challenging. Thankfully, there are a few tips you can implement to help yourself be consistent while still remaining fun and flexible, and we are going to share them with you.

  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, June 22nd at 3 pm Pacific. Join here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, June 29th at 3 pm Pacific. Join here!

July Round Table: What’s the latest and greatest here at the home office? Hear directly from New Earth’s corporate team.

  • June Round Table, Wednesday, July 5th at 12 pm Pacific. Join here!

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