Vol. 10 Issue 29 – July 18, 2022

Tips to Take Your Business To New Heights

A recent study conducted by the Direct Sales Association uncovered some information that you can use to take your business to new heights! Over the last few weeks on Success Lab, we’ve been digging into each of these exciting discoveries and how you can leverage them within your business. And this week, we are wrapping up this insightful series with our most important discussion yet—why and how you should be leveraging social media to grow your business. 

To help you be better prepared for this week’s discussion, you can always watch the past recordings in our Facebook Leader’s Group, but if you’re short on time, here’s a review of what we’ve covered so far. 

The data from this year’s study not only showed that the direct sales industry is continuing to grow but also that… 

  1. Younger generations are increasingly interested in direct sales opportunities.

    Business Tip: Lean into this interest by learning more about what makes these generations unique, understanding how they do business, and being where they are (which is usually online). 
  1. When looking at direct sales opportunities, the majority of people value the trustworthiness of the company over everything else. Other priorities include things like low start-up cost, low risk, and the ability to work from home.

    Business Tip: The New Earth opportunity offers all of this and more, the key is to present it in the right by focusing on benefits instead of features
  1. More than ever, consumers are preferring the personalized experience that shopping locally (either in person or online) can provide.

    Business Tip: As a business owner, you can easily personalize the experience for each customer with small actions like learning and using a customer’s name, giving them choices, and showing your gratitude. 
  1. Online shopping is not only continuing to grow in popularity but more people than ever are open to being sold to via social media platforms.

    Business Tip: Join us this Thursday at 3 pm Pacific to find out how you can leverage this to grow your business. 

July Promotions

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The Freedom of Entrepreneurship 

With the ability to set your own goals, build your own schedule, and work on your own terms, nothing compares to the freedom of being an entrepreneur. In honor of Independence Day, we’re lowering the barrier to experiencing this freedom!

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Berry Nutritious 

July is National Blueberry Month, and we can’t think of a better fruit to be celebrating! Not only do these tiny berries contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, but they also contain more antioxidants than any other fruit out there! 

Harness the nutrient-dense power of these tiny berries with Renew! Formulated with wild blueberries, organic Wild Microalgae®, and other natural ingredients, Renew delivers a powerful boost to your stem cells and supports a vibrant and healthy life.

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The only thing better than saving money on your favorite supplements is getting to help others do the same. This month, we have a way to help you do both!

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August Round Table Moved To August 10th

Summer is in full swing here in the sunny Klamath Basin! In between planning for the fall and gearing up for this year’s harvest, our home team has been hard at work. With so much happening, we have decided to give our team a little bit of a breather by pushing the August Round Table back one week to August 10th at 12 pm Pacific.

Make sure you mark your calendar and join us on YouTube on August 10th at 12 pm Pacific to hear the latest and greatest from the home office.

Upcoming Events

The Healthy Hustle: In celebration of National Blueberry Month, let’s take a closer look at these bite-sized fruits and all the ways they can benefit your health. 

  • The Healthy Hustle, Tuesday, July 19th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!
  • The Healthy Hustle, Thursday, July 21st at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!

Success Lab: If you want to take your business to new heights by meeting the younger generations where they are, then social media is a tool you need to be using. Join us as we discuss. 

  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, July 21st at 3 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, July 28th at 3 pm Pacific. Register here!

August Round-Table:  What’s the latest and greatest here at the home office? Hear directly from New Earth’s corporate team.June Round-Table, Wednesday, August 3rd at 12 pm Pacific. Join here!

Facebook 30 Day Gut Reboot Group: Invite your prospects to join our 30 Day Gut Reboot Facebook Group. We host 30-day health challenges where we share health tips, talk a little bit about our products and educate on the importance of gut health. It’s a great avenue to introduce a new prospect to New Earth and our gut health solutions. 

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