Vol. 6 Issue 4-January 25, 2018

Getting to Know Your Online Office Part 1

When you decided to take advantage of the New Earth opportunity, you were provided with a business kit to get you up and running right away. A key piece of this kit is your online office. The online office provides you with the tools necessary to manage all aspects of your business

We are going to embark on a three-part series that covers the tools in your online office and how to use them to maximize your business potential. Let’s get started with the home page.

When you log into your online office, you are brought to a home page filled with a variety of widgets that provide you a snapshot of your business today. As you scroll down the page, you will find widgets that track your autoship rewards, keep you updated on social media feeds, highlight upcoming events and promotions, and deliver you the latest news and notifications.

As you work toward your monthly goals, you will want to pay attention to sections labeled “my key stats,” “my growth stats,” and “countdown to month end.” These three widgets offer key stats that indicate where you were last month, where you are today, how far you have to go and how long you have left to do it. They are perfect for tracking your progress throughout the month and help keep you on track for reaching your next goal. It’s a good idea to make a habit of looking at these stats every day.

Intertwined with the widgets mentioned above sits a gem of a tool called “saves report.” This report provides you with the information necessary to retain your hard-earned customers. Your saves report shows you the immediate members in your organization who need to take action to continue their membership. It provides everything you need to quickly reach out to your members and encourage them to continue their relationship with you and the great health benefits New Earth products provide. The saves report includes information for three levels of your organization listing members in the appropriate category based on the action necessary to maintain their account status.

We live in a world with unlimited options. Every day you work hard to prospect and earn new customers. By looking at your saves report each month and personally calling your customers, you can retain the business you worked so hard to earn. As you retain customers and continue to earn new customers, you will naturally see your business grow.

As you can see, you can keep a pulse on the state of your New Earth business by visiting the home page of your online office each week. Next week we are going to dive into the marketing tools tab and how you can use the tools provided to take your business to the next level.

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