Vol. 6 Issue 3-January 18, 2018

Onboarding New Associates

In the competitive world of direct sales, lone ranging is the number one hindrance to goal achievement and realization of authentic and meaningful success. The saying goes that if you want to walk fast, walk alone, but if you’re going to walk far, walk with others. It’s hard to overemphasize how important this nugget of wisdom is.

Mentoring new associates is one of the most important things you can do in this industry which is why we have patched up a clear guideline of dos and don’ts when onboarding new members of your team. Here are the steps you can take to ensure that you not only onboard effectively, but also retain the associates you already have onboard.

  1. Get the right person for the job
    Vetting your prospects will go a long way in ensuring you get the right person for the job. Sit with your prospect and engage them at length on why they want to join the business, their expectations, their fears, and their attitude among other things. This first step is crucial in establishing if a prospect is serious about his or her decision. Once you’ve determined that they are indeed into it, then it is your responsibility to validate their decision. Every once in a while we all need someone to reassure us that we are on the right track, don’t we?
  2. Give the correct information
    Once you have the right person, provide them more information about the business. Giving all information at once may be a bit confusing and scary at times. This is why we advocate for piecemeal information. You can start by providing broad strokes on how the business operates then later delve into greater detail. Easy, right? You might be shocked to find out that this is where we lose a lot of members. Here’s why:

    • Setting unrealistic expectations: As much as we want to get new members, it is imperative that we explain the expected compensations and growth patterns giving both the best and the worst case scenarios.
    • Babying new associates: You may want to do everything for them instead of letting them grow. Remember they have to learn some independence and leadership. Inform them of your role as a mentor and guide.
    • Promises of heaven: As you give them the best case scenarios, remember to inform them that there are stormy days too. This way they’ll be psychologically prepared to handle all challenges.
  3. Set them up
    Get them started by actually setting their business in motion. Introduce them to your other teammates, help them prospect and enroll new associates, and get them started with the business. Win their confidence and trust so that they may feel free to consult with you on their efforts.
  4. Create targets and milestones
    Once they are up and running, have a clear game-plan for them. Work out a career path with goals, milestones, and timelines for their execution. This way, your recruits will always have a target to work hard to achieve. Help them with their first few goals and watch them soar the heights of success.

Now as you go out looking to recruit more associates, make sure you follow the above steps to ensure you are not only recruiting but also retaining.

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