Vol. 5 Issue 44-November 16, 2017

Planning is Essential Part 2: Forward Thinking

Last week we encouraged you to take time to reflect on your New Earth business and be brutally honest with yourself. If you took this task on, chances are you learned a lot about yourself, your habits, and your team. Today we are focusing on the next step, taking what was learned and using it to plan for 2018.

What good would a business be without a plan? Could you imagine where Nike or Apple would be today if they operated without a business plan? Chances are they wouldn’t be very successful. The same holds true for your New Earth business. If you want to maximize your success, you need to operate off of a living, breathing business plan.

It’s time to look forward and plan the next year. In this phase of the planning process, we will focus on defining objectives. It’s important to define what your objectives are personally and for your team. The big question is, what do you want to accomplish in 2018?

Here are a few specific questions you will want to answer as you go through this process:

  • Personally
    • How do I want to grow as an individual?
    • What are my leadership goals?
    • What are my skill development goals?
  • Team
    • How many team members would I like to help promote each month?
    • How many brand advocates would I like to have by the end of the year?
    • How many team members would I like to have attending company events?
    • What should my communication and recognition platform look like?
    • How can I foster personal development in my team?

As your team grows, your demands will grow. You will have to have tried and trued processes and procedures in place to work as efficiently as possible. As you reach your goals and grow your network having a plan to operate off of is a must.

Join us next week as we have a deeper look at the third and final phase of this process: setting goals.

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