Vol. 10 Issue 11 – March 14, 2022

The Power of Autoship

Have you ever stopped to think about why subscription boxes and autopay have become so popular today? We live in a “set it and forget it” era where value is placed on things that automatically happen. We all have a million things to do and think about. When we can automate some of that, it makes our lives easier. 

Of course, as a business owner, the autoship or subscription model comes with benefits for you as well—they mean consistent income month after month. That is, as long as the customer remains happy with their subscription. 

Think about how much time and energy you put into acquiring a new customer. All year long you are prospecting, working to generate leads, sharing information about the products, and helping people find solutions for their supplement and nutrition needs. It’s not easy work. It takes time and effort. So it makes sense to hang on to that customer that you worked so hard to acquire.

When you put in the work to retain that customer and clearly explain the benefits of autoship—supplements at your door, on time every month, and a 10% discount—you are not only making your customer’s life easier and saving them money, but you are ensuring that you grow your business and income as well.  

March Promotion

Speaking of autoships, they play into this month’s promotion.  

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of our compensation plan enhancements, we want to reward you even more for all your hard work. How? By giving you an extra cash bonus when you qualify for the My PC Bonus!  

This month only, you will receive an extra $30 cash bonus when you qualify for the My PC Bonus!* That takes the bonus itself from $70 to $100, and when you add in your retail commissions (based on 350 QPC), you can put a total of $130 in your pocket!

Shoot for the stars, go for the gold, and put a little extra cash in your pocket this month! Check out this shareable flyer to see all the promotion details, and don’t forget to track your progress using the My PC Bonus widget in your Online Office dashboard.

*Available for USA Associate accounts who are qualifying for this bonus for the first time between March 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022. 

Upcoming Events

The Healthy Hustle: Changing habits is hard, especially when it comes to health. Thankfully we have the power of group support on our side. Dr. Jan Polson discusses how a group setting can make all the difference when it comes to your wellness goals. 

  • The Healthy Hustle, Tuesday, March 15th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!
  • The Healthy Hustle, Thursday, March 17th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!

Success Lab: When it comes to building and supporting your team, communication is key. Join us as we discuss easy ways to open the lines of communication and stay connected with your network. 

  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, March 17th at 3 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, March 24th at 3 pm Pacific. Register here!

April Round-Table:  What’s the latest and greatest here at the home office? Hear directly from New Earth CEO Bilal Ruknudden, President Jerry Anderson, and Vice President Kevin Larson.

  • March Round-Table, Wednesday, April 6th at 12 pm Pacific. Join here! 

Facebook 30 Day Gut Reboot Group: Invite your prospects to join our 30 Day Gut Reboot Facebook Group. We host 30-day health challenges where we share health tips, talk a little bit about our products and educate on the importance of gut health. It’s a great avenue to introduce a new prospect to New Earth and our gut health solutions. Our next reboot starts on March 28th!

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