Vol. 8 Issue 11-March 19, 2020

A Time to Defend

Today we are facing a unique situation where extreme precautions are being taken to avoid illness. We are seeing people avoid crowds, we are seeing school, concerts, sporting events and more being canceled, we are seeing a shortage in hand sanitizer and the list goes on. People are doing what they know how to do, and what the officials have advised them to do, to be prepared.

We have an opportunity to help in a small, but quite possibly major, way. And it starts with strengthening the immune system. We know and understand that our immune system is constantly at work for us and we know that with proper support it can function at its best.

Two major factors that come into play here include gut health and nourishment. We know that a majority of the immune function (over 70%) resides in the gut and to get the nutrients from our food, we require a healthy gut to absorb them. With that, we have the 30 Day Gut Reboot to guide participants to a healthier life and a stronger immune system. We also know that medicinal mushrooms nourish our immune system with compounds like beta-glucan, polysaccharides, phospholipids, plant sterols, ergosterol and so much more. We have Defend, our responsive immune system supplement that is loaded with six different mushrooms, beta-glucan and organic Wild Microalgae® to help support a healthy immune response.

So, let’s be part of the solution. Let’s do our job to help others boost their defense during this time of uncertainty.

Wondering where to start? Here are a few tools you can use:

  • Immune Support Blog. Share it with your customers, on your social media, through email…however you see fit.
  • Replicated Defend Landing Page. Be sure to replace “customerid” with your ID. When you share the blog above, reference your Defend landing page so those who are interested can easily purchase their Defend.
  • 30 Day Reboot Facebook Group. As you interact with people who are interested in taking action to support their immune system, share Essentials and the 30 Day Gut Reboot with them.

Profile and Page—You Need Both

We are three sessions into our Facebook Marketing series and pushing right along! Hopefully, you were able to tune into or watch the recording from last week’s Success Lab and follow along with the last couple of sessions in the Leaders USA Facebook Group where we discussed the eight rules of Facebook marketing, how to create and optimize your page, and your Facebook dashboard and what it means.

This evening we will be moving right along. By the end of tonight’s Success Lab you will understand the difference between a page and a profile and why you need both and how to create a rockin’ cover image that tells your story and grabs your followers attention.

We look forward to seeing you on the Success Lab tonight at 6 pm Pacific.


  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, March 19th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, March 26th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • April Round Table, Monday, April 6th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • Opportunity Meeting, “Become a Wellness Entrepreneur” English-On Demand. Watch here!
  • Opportunity Meeting, “Become a Wellness Entrepreneur” Spanish-On Demand. Watch here!

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